Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leon Sock Project - March socks

I know we are only half way through February, but if I'm making Leon a pair of socks a month, these must be his March socks.

A couple of weeks ago Leon said he would like some thinner socks. On further conversation, I realised he meant less warm, for summer. I already had this bamboo yarn, which I got on closeout from Webs, and so I went looking for a good pattern. I wanted a pattern that would not work with the beautiful flickering that you get from hand dyed yarn, something that would benefit from the flatness of this commercial dye. I came across (again) Cauchy, by Cookie A, from her first book, Sock Innovation. I queued these when I first bought the book, in 2009. I even had the yarn picked out, a lightish blue which is still in my stash. But I never quite got around to making them. I think they are going to be a perfect sock for Leon. They are a bit different, since he doesn't have any green socks, or any bamboo socks, although he does have more than his share of Cookie A socks.

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