Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last Tuesday Melanie  presented me with 240 grams of absolutely gorgeous hand blended, combed fibre, a stunning merino silk blend.

She has named it Midnight in the Town which is a perfect description. It's not as bright as the photo above makes it look, it's deep and muted and rich.

 I thought it was beautiful but, as you all know, I haven't been feeling the spinning love of late. I popped the boxes next to the wheel on Tuesday night and decided to decide what to do with it later. On Wednesday Leon got home from work and we were chatting about our day. While we were talking I found myself spinning, and before I knew it I had spun up the first little nest of fibre.
 It spins like a dream, smooth and fine. Melanie suggested it would make a good shawl, and I'm sure she's right. Once I finish it and see what length I get I will decide on a specific shawl,  I think this would look amazing with sparkly, shiny beads. So there I am, back at the wheel after all this time and enjoying it, rather to my surprise.

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