Saturday, February 23, 2013

That was close!

For some inexplicable reason, before I started the toe of the first Cauchy sock I weighed the ball of yarn. It said I had 54 grams of yarn left. After I finished the sock I weighed the sock: 45 grams, and the remaining ball of yarn - 53 grams. I looked at the yarn and discovered that it is only 300 meters, and it's a relatively thick yarn. Still I was surprised to run so close. Here's a photo of just some of the leftovers from socks I've made:
 I'm used to having a third of the ball left, even when knitting for Leon. This time the yarn was thicker, the leg was longer, and I have enough left for two blanket squares. Probably.
 Still, I'm very happy with the socks, and even happier to be done. This is great pattern, and it's classic Cookie A, but something about the process irritated me. The pattern should have been just enough to keep my interest, but instead sat in that awkward place where it requires concentration, and yet is not all that interesting. Still they are done now, and they are a very handsome pair of socks, if I do say so myself.
That's Princess Daisy sneaking through the back of the photo.

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