Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cleaning out the queue

After I finished the Travelling with Miss Babs shawl, I couldn't work out what to knit next. I have 20 things in my queue, half of which are socks, and three of which I don't actually have the yarn for yet. I have a few jumpers I really want to make, but nothing was jumping out for me to knit next. And then I decided to go through my queue and knit or delete anything that was over a year old. After all, if something has been sitting at the bottom of the queue for a year, without ever moving up, that suggests it might never get to the top.

So the oldest item in my queue was the Blackrose socks. I queued them in February 2012, after I finished spinning the yarn. As noted then, the smallest size calls for 220 meters of yarn, and I've got 214, from 91 grammes. The entire time I was knitting the dark purple was coming off on my hands, so it looked like I was really dirty. Oddly, when I soacked them for blocking, there was no dye runoff at all.
The first sock took 45 grammes, and came out a little short for me, so I'll be giving them to my mother, who has even shorter feet than I do. There was a little teeny balls of yarn left after I finished the second sock, so it wasn't as heart-stoppingly close as I feared it might be.

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