Monday, April 15, 2013

The magic of blocking?

After I finished the Hawthorne hat I decided it looked like a beanie not a beret, and I was happy with that. I thought it was because i had forgotten to change up to bigger needles:

When I reviewed the pattern, I discovered that it says: "The hat can be blocked into a beret shape using a plate, or it can be blocked into a slouch style using a round form. Left unblocked the hat will fit as a standard cap". I like a slouch hat, although I lack a "round form" whatever that may be. I made a blocking thing (that the technical term right?) using some newspaper:

And this is the final result:
 I feel like the yarn lost some vibrancy on washing it, and there was certainly quite a lot of pink in the water, despite the fact that it had a bit of a vinegar smell to it.  The shape of the hat is certainly slouchier. The mitts did not grow in the wash, so that's something:

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