Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finishing, Starting and Waiting

I had to go to Morwell for work again, so I knew that Tuesday would provide me with some serious knitting time. I only had about half the foot to go on Leon's latest socks, which I did finish on the way up there:

What to cast on next felt like a big decision, because I am waiting for my first shipment of Miss Babb's knitting tour. I thought about not casting on anything and just working on the blanket for a bit, but then I realised that the club package could still be a way off. Also, do I really want to be carrying a half completed blanket around the countryside? So I cast on a pair of sockettes for me, also in Stranded in Oz yarn. This is the hank she gave me when I visited at the markets, and it's so pretty. It's pooling a little, but I think in an attractive way.

About ten minutes after I cast these on I got a text message from Australia post, telling me that I had a package! When I went to get it though, it was the covers for our new Kindles, which is almost as exciting as yarn club packages. In case you didn't guess, I chose pink.

And then, about half an hour after I got home from the package centre I got another text. There may be yarn waiting for me! To be honest though, there are another couple of things I've ordered in the mail, so it might not be yarn at all. I'll try to go down tomorrow and pick it up. Sometimes the suspense is almost as much fun as the package itself. 

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