Sunday, April 28, 2013

This is making me rather nervous

 I decided to knit the Grant Park Pullover for Leon, because I've knit four charted lace projects in a row. Also because, having taken 500 grammes of yarn out of the stash, I can now shut the box!

The pattern calls for 8ply and I'm using 5, because the smallest size written is 39.5 inches, and Leon isn't that big (as the Yarn Harlot says "It's just as easy to love a small man as a large one") I did a gauge swatch, but it felt like it was lying, so I started on a sleeve:

Now my stitch gauge should get me a jumper in Leon's size, but my row gauge is still almost like that called for in the pattern.  The raglan shaping actually works with the diamond stitch pattern on the front. What all this means is that there is a chance that I will get to the end and have to somehow make it shorter. I wish I'd thought of this prior to casting on and used a provisional cast on. Or, I wish the designer had thought to make this pattern top down, so that it would be properly customisable for different heights. Oh well, only time (and knitting time) will show us how this is going to resolve itself.

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