Friday, April 12, 2013

Clever, clever pattern

 I decided a while ago to always put a gusset in my mitts. It's not hard to do, and creates a glove that fits properly. When I cast on for the Hawthorne mitts I realised they didn't have a gusset, but I knit them exactly as the pattern was written. I briefly considered adding a gusset, but all the pictures looked good, so I didn't. I'm really glad I followed the pattern as set. Here's the glove before I put in the thumb:

Look how the patterning makes the whole thing hand shaped.

After the thumb is in you can see it even clearer. Such clever detailing has made this set a joy to knit.
Now, I'm a little worried, because they fit me perfectly, and I haven't blocked them yet. I'm going to block both the hat and mitts this weekend, and I'll show you how they look afterwards.

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