Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Beer Week, socks

Good Beer Week was a whole lot of fun and today, Sunday, I finished Leon's Good beer Week Socks. It would be poetic to say that I started them at the beginning of Good Beer Week, and finished them on the last day, but I actually put them down for three days because I only had about an hour and a half's worth of knitting left on them , and on each of those days I went out for beer events that were definitely going to go longer than that. These socks alternated between amusing me by their clever design and annoying me by the splotchyness of the yarn, the apparent oddness of the toe placement and just a slight weariness that leads me to think I need a bit of a break from socks.

Still, they are done, Leon says they are comfortable and they are certainly a viable, wearable pair of socks.

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