Monday, May 13, 2013

Sometimes a gift gives more to the giver

I went over to Anna's place on Sunday to finally give her winter set.  I love wrapping my friends in warmth and love. The weather has been exceptionally mild and we were sitting outside gossiping about nothing much and drinking coffee, as you do with your old friends. I was knitting on my blanket, (I’ve finished Leon’s jumper, photo’s to follow, but bamboo/cotton takes a really long time to dry)

Anna’s five year old Grace came up and said I had to teach her to knit. She is just adorable, blond and pretty and generally well behaved. She climbed up on my lap and I cast on on some spare needles. Together we knit a row. While she’s a little young to actually be able to knit I appreciate her enthusiasm, and look forward to continuing to spread the knitting love, both by keeping my friends warm and by teaching others to knit.

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