Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saving the socks

In the past I’ve worn through some of my socks really quickly.  The socks that I wear with shoes last and last, but the ones I largely wear around the house tend to wear through the ball of the foot much quicker. I largely ascribed this to walking around on the carpet, although it’s also true that to go to our outside rubbish bins, or the garage where I store a horrifying amount of stuff, we actually have to leave our property, walk along and asphalt footpath for the length of the building and then go down a concrete driveway. And it’s not unusual for me to forget to put shoes on. As it’s getting colder I found myself feeling a little bad about wearing my socks in a way that I knew would wear them out quicker, so when I saw my favourite shoe brand sells SLIPPERS I had to have some.

These are lovely and comfortable, and fit perfectly over a pair of hand knit socks. It’s going to be warm feet for me this winter!

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