Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Row row row your … shorts?

As previously mentioned during Good Beer Week I took a break from knitting Leon’s Wedge socks. These are constructed using garter stitch short rows, with a short row toe and heel. Prior to starting those I knit Hawthorne, which is largely garter stitch short rows. To continue the theme I am currently knitting Veera’s Stripe Study shawl, which is endless, squishy, joyous garter stitch short rows.

I’m making this for Elise, who keeps on “hinting” that it’s getting cold. She asked me for a scarf / shawl in grey. I wasn’t thrilled about knitting a grey shawl, I thought it would be really dull, but I dove into the stash and pulled out some more of that wonderful endless Pear Tree from Bendigo last year, or maybe the year before (I think this is the last of it) and some alpaca sock yarn I bought at Woolfest. I really love the way the two colours look together, to the point where I am planning a Different Lines in greys for myself. But I won’t be knitting that until some time after my next project, which is the Travelling Sweater, a cardigan made up of – you guessed it – short rows!

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