Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photos, and thoughts on photos

I happy snapped some photos of my finished shawl at the tram stop on the way to meet with Kate, but I know that she has a decent camera and proper photography skills, so I asked if she would take some pictures of it, and she was kind enough to do so.

Other than, hopefully, showing how wonderful this shawl is, it reminded me of how little I know about photography, and how much prettier my photos could be if I a) Had better technical skills and B) Knew more.  I hear myself saying things like "I want to be a knitter, not a photographer", but I also want pretty, pretty photos for this Blog and for Ravelry. I was rather hoping Leon would get interested in photography, but that really, really hasn't happened. So, I'm going to take a Craftsy course to try to improve my skills, and I'm going to ask my friends who enjoy taking photos to help out more often. In the meantime, thanks to Kate for photos that show how lovely this shawl actually is.  

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