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A Pause

As my regular readers will know, I knit all the time. I knit in front of the tv at home, I knit at the pub, I knit on public transport. I knit with friends and I knit alone. For the last two months I’ve had sore arms. It doesn’t hurt when I knit, but it hurts when I more my arms from straight to bent, and from bent to straight.

This morning I woke up and straightening my arms hurt, with a hot liquid pain. I’ve decided to take a day off knitting. Hopefully that will help. I’m willing to try this for up to a week, because this constant pain is really not much fun. Although the idea of not knitting is also not much fun, which is why it has taken so long to get to the point of taking a (hopefully very) short break.

So, what will I do instead of knitting? Tonight I’m going to clean the house and rearrange the cupboards. If I still can’t knit tomorrow I might do some sewing. If I’m out of the game on the weekend, I’m going to follow Sonia’s lead and document my whole stash in Ravelry. I’m reading a good book. I keep telling myself there are plenty of people that lead fulfilling lives who don’t knit all the time, but I'm struggling to see myself as one of them.


  1. I think cleaning is the next step in my coping. Far more productive than hours of tv.

    I hope your arm feels better soon.


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