Thursday, September 12, 2013


My moosie spindle is on it's way! I ordered it maybe two years ago, but I had to wait, because, well, some things are worth waiting for. And it couldn't be better timing, since I have rather refound my spinning love. 

So, while I wait for it to arrive, and wait to be allowed to knit and spin again (I asked the Osteo if I was allowed to spin, and he said no. Actually he said "um, what, spin? huh?" and then I explained about spinning. He said no, but I'm not sure he knew what he was talking about. That's what I get for going to a Crossfit osteo. I wonder if there are knitting osteos out there somewhere) I'm preparing some fibre. I dyed this in January 2011 and it was a bit compacted. What it needed was a thorough teasing out.

Which is what I gave it. I think Leon was a bit relieved that I found something to do in from of the television, because we've barely watched anything since I paused from knitting. Nearly back to it now, and I have some beautiful fibre ready for the spindle arrives.

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