Friday, September 27, 2013

A sheep in the mail

It won't some as a surprise when I tell you that I love sheep. I love them for their wool, and I love them for their meat. I love them because they are much more intelligent than they are usually given credit for. But mostly I love them for their woolly fuzzy bodies and their calm knowing eyes. So, when one of the shopping websites I haunt had sheep bookends for sale, I thought I'd buy one to use as a doorstop in my bedroom. And then this adorable Sheepy arrived:
Look at his adorable face. He follows me around the house, sitting next to me when I'm on the computer, watching me spin…
and just being generally adorable. The only problem is, when I did put him in front of the door, Tarragon decided to make friends. First he sniffed Sheepy's bottom, and then he started eating his wool, so we'll see how long Sheepy stays soft and adorable. There may be a follow up post with a pictured of a slaughtered Sheepy, but hopefully things will settle down.

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