Saturday, September 7, 2013

As good as my word

I didn't knit from Sunday night until Thursday. I thought not knitting would help my arms, but on Wednesday I woke up in even more pain. I was so upset and angry, and I did knit on Thursday night, which didn't seem to make things worse. But they certainly weren't better. On Friday I had an appointment with the Osteo and I was planning to have words with him because what we were doing was clearly not working, and I was really quite frustrated. But then the first thing he said to me was "this is really not working, lets take a different approach".
During the treatment he said to me "I don't want you knitting for a week". Mm, I thought, Whatever. But then he said "I want you to promise me that you won't knit for a week". So I promised. 

So, Leon's vest is on hold. Which I would be happier about if I wasn't a bit concerned that the fronts seem to be turning out too long. And I can't do anything about it for another five days. Because I promised.

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