Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spun and done!

You may recall that a couple of months ago, I took a pile of wool and decided to turn it into yarn for a bathmat. Now this was a truly random lot of yarn, some of it beautifully prepared by Melanie, some poorly prepared by me, and a few commercial braids thrown in. I took all pressure off myself spinning it. My only goal was for it to be thick. It didn't have to be even, or regular or anything. While I was spinning most of this I was listening to Stephen King's 11.22.63, which was an amazing listen. the whole spinning experience was wonderful. I just relaxed into it.

I got five bobbins of singles, which two plied up into a kilogram of bulky yarn.

It's perfect, in the sense that I wanted to make sprongy, crazy barberpole yarn. It's renewed my love for spinning, and I'm starting to plan what I'm going to do next on my wheel.


  1. The colors are beautiful, Sharon (Saw your yarn on ravelry and had to visit your blog!) I think it will be a gorgeous bathmat - I can't wait to see what it looks like!

  2. Thank you. It was a ton of fun to spin!