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Completed Swallowtail

Or Swallotail, as I rather mysteriously named it on Ravellery.

I finished it without drama and blocked it using the blocking wires that I received with such drama months ago. The points maybe didn't hold as well as I hoped, but the yarn was 50 percent viscose, which might explain that. The lack of beads or nupps certainly isn't a problem, again the yarn was quite heavy and drapey, so more heaviness may have been a disadvantage.

Leon and I went to see Mary Poppins last night, which was on at Her Majesties Theatre, next to Chinatown. The pillar we have used as the backdrop of these shots is actually the entrance archway. It was so nice to leave the house, which I hadn't done for two days, and to leave my suburb, which I hadn't done since New Years Eve.


  1. I've been stalking your blog all morning, waiting for this blog post! Totally gorgeous, love it! and the photos aren't bad either ;)

  2. love love love it, and you don't look sick at all! the magical healing powers of a shawl and a teaspoon of sugar :D
    I like the size of your points, I actually don't want points at all so I'm going to aim for a similar look

  3. The photos are lovely. I particularly like the last one :)

  4. you photos are only 64% shit

  5. Love your Swallowtail, hope mine turns out as well as this :D


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