Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes you just have to...

So the Annis shawl is coming along nicely. I've finished the lace and am doing the stocking stitch short rows. Its hard to tell how much further I have to go because of the shaping makes it not obvious, but there may be some real knitting opportunities, particularly on Saturday, when we are going to Raw Comedy at the Corner hotel - if you are in Melbourne, feel free to come join us. $10 gets you four hours of comedy, varying from hilariously funny to hilariously bad. Last year I got a chunk of my Clapotis knitted during the same event, so this year I may get Annis finished. Which brings me to my point: what am I going to knit next? Given that the weather is finally warming up I know what I should NOT knit - a chunky handspun jumper in one piece. Specifically Owls by Kate Davies. But it's the only project i am interested in starting. Last week when I started getting things together for it I realised that I was about 30 meters short in yardage, so during the week I spun up another 100 grams. It nearly matches the rest of the yarn, so I'll have to compensate for that in. Last night I discovered that I don't own any 6.5 mm circulars, despite being the proud owner of two circular needle sets - the Addi Click and the Knit Pro Interchangeables. So after work today I'm going to buy the needles. I expect I will probably be casting on on Sunday or Monday. Stay tuned to see if this is a good idea, or if I'll be casting on a pair of socks in a couple of days.

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