Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to knit a scarf in 2 days

1) Spin the wool thick. Put the stripes right in there, it saves time later
2) Use 7mm needles
3) Hang out with some wonderful knitting peeps, eating rainbow cake for sugary, rainbow knitting energy (thank you Katie)

4) Don't forget to stop

5) Cast off
6) Make the recipient try it on, even though he is half way through cooking dinner
7) Admire and enjoy.


  1. Is that a light fitting or is Leon wearing a crown?

  2. Yes, around the house Leon Hanrahan always wears a crown.

  3. Great looking scarf! Hi Leon!

  4. hehe LOVE IT!
    also, I am someone who is big and thus doesn't think a 10 foot scarf is out of the question so this amuses me :D

    you are the first to link to my knitting blog! I >3 you!

  5. how funny we had the very same cake at my friends birthday last june, cute scarf x