Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slow going

On Sunday I cast on for the Annis shawl from Knitty. It starts by casting on 363 stitcfhes. I thought that this, and establishing the first row would be the challenging parts of this shawl. It turns out that the challenge is knitting 363 stitch rows. Even though there are only 18 of the lace rows, for some reason this is psychologically more challenging than knitting 363 rows of 18 stitches each. I started the rows with nupps yesterday.
I don't mind them and am not struggling with the actually nupps, but it is slow going. In fact, last night I only did two rows, while knitting from 7pm until 10.30. Mind you I was at the pub and perhaps the beer and cider where not conductive to speedy knitting. Hopefully my stitch count is still right! I only have three more of the nupp rows left. I'm hoping to finish them today, as well as do a bit of spinning for Owls.

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