Friday, January 14, 2011

Handspun heaven

It's way too hot and humid to sleep, so I am doing a blog update before Leon and I watch a dvd, while Leon puts on bread for breakfast tomorrow. I'm not complaining about the heat, I love it, I'm just explaining why I am posting in a condition that might not best be described as sober.

After I finished the first German Stocking I started the second one. I knit it on Wednesday and I knit it on Thursday, I got up to the part where I have to start the super complicated 36 row cable. I realised that my plans for tonight and the weekend are not going to allow me to sit down in the silence that this cable requires. Tomorrow, far from working the cable we are going to mission clean the house. There is a weird smell wafting around, and I cannot locate the source of it. Its not the kitty litter, I changed that and applied bleach. Its not under the bed, or behind the hallstand or anywhere else. Driving me insane. But when I find it, I will kill it with bleach and fire.
Anyway, the point is (and there is a point, I promise) that I needed something straightforward to knit to take me through the weekend. I cast on Leon's 2011 scarf: a simple relieving 2x2 rib scarf made out of handspun.

Loving it. Alpaca and wool, squishy stripy goodness. I know this photo is a little bit shit - you can see my shadow. Lets just consider it artistic and get back to the knitting...

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