Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dyeing and a tiny bit of spinning

I had another long weekend so I could do a dying course on Monday. The day was titled 'dying a colour wheel in the microwave" and I had no idea what to expect. It was such fun. The first thing we dyed was a rainbow.
Then we got to go out on our own and experiment.

It was treat to be able to use Landscape dyes, they are a little more versatile than food colouring, and the lighter colours are much easier to achieve, but not practical to use in my flat, where I shall happily continue to play with food colouring.
I also learned to present them prettily:
All of this making of fibre inspired me to do some actual spinning, so this evening I have been spinning my corriadale fleece for Leon's jumper. What I've learnt is that the wool preparation takes as long as the actual spinning, so I'm off to flick some more locks to that I have something to spin tomorrow night.

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