Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Inspired and assisted by Kate

A while ago, at knit night,  Kate talked about making Samen by Stephen West. It’s a large shawl made out of lace weight held double. Afterwards, she sent a tweet with a picture of her yarn, saying she might swap out one of the colours with some blue. “Oh”, I thought, “. I have some blue lace weight. I can help”. So I pulled out all my laceweight leftovers, took a photo and tweeted them to Kate. By the time she replied that she had plenty and wasn't actually asking for help, I was looking at this pile of leftovers, which was considerably more than I thought I had, wondering if I too, could make this shawl. So I sat down with my trusty kitchen scales, Ravelry and my leftover yarn to work out if I have the yardage. I found I had nearly enough yarn, although the yarn colour that was short was also the one I was least happy with, in terms of colour and the other yarns. I never mentioned this to Kate, but yesterday she showed up at knit night with some Misti Alpaca, and asked if I wanted it.
 The colour that goes much better with the way I hope this is going to look and there was plenty of yardage. I think Kate has already cast hers on, and I'll be casting mine on as soon as I finish my current project, so thanks Kate, for both the idea and the means to implement it.

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