Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yarnalong - The Good Beer Week edition

This week is Good Beer Week   which basically means we are out a lot, drinking beer and eating good food and generally having a good time. And not sleeping enough.
Despite all this carousing I'm still knitting, reading and listening to audio books.
I'm knitting Steven West's Saran Shawl  (or shlankie, as he calls it) It's perfect Good Beer Week knitting, since it's miles, and miles and miles of garter stitch, interrupted by some short row wedges. Easy to knit, even in poor lighting, or under the influence of significant volumes of stout . Ask me know I know…
I'm reading The Perfect Location, by Kate Forster  and really enjoying it. It's light without being super trashy, and the characters have a little depth to them. I've only just started it, but so far it's an enjoyable read. The eagle eyed among you might notice that instead of being pink, my Kindle is now leopard print. I thought it needed a bit of a lift, so I bought a new case for it, and I really like it, although the cat face in the corner of it was rather an unexpected surprise.
I'm still listening to The Winds of War and still enjoying it. It's about four times longer than the "average" audio book, so I expect that for the next month I will be writing similar comments about it here. Still listening, still loving it.
As always, I'm playing along with Ginny over at her blog. Pop over there to see what she, and the rest of the Yarn-Along Crew are knitting. 

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