Saturday, May 10, 2014

Part Three - More socks

In the two hour taxi ride to the Jordanian border I cast on Business Casual out of the amazing Little Dipper Bootes sock yarn. I though the pattern would be simple enough so i could enjoy the scenery, which it was, although my hands got sore if I cabled without a cable needle. A shame, but not a big deal. I knit these at the Dead Sea - or more specifically on the bus to the Dead Sea and on to Jerusalem, where we spent a couple of days. After that our trip got a bit less planned and a whole lot more random. We spent a day on the "beach" at Tiberias, and headed up to the Golan Heights to go to a brewery and do more hiking. Then we headed west to Akkor and Haifa. After that we caught the train back to Tel-Aviv, where I finished the socks.

We returned to Tel Aviv during Yom Ha-atsmaut - Israel's independence day.  The hotel we were staying at was right on the beach and I tried to take a photo of Leon's socks, the beach and the flags that were flying everywhere in honour of the country's 66th birthday. I'm not sure I succeeded, and I certainly failed to capture the amazing weather, or how nice Tel-Aviv beach actually is.

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  1. I love the socks, beautiful pattern, beautiful yarn. Ursula's yarn has travelled!