Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ways to stay warm

I finished my Hottie Tottie and as per the instructions, I steamed blocked it. I've never steam blocked anything before, being a big fan of the wet blocking, but it worked well. Another thing that was different about this project was that I didn't have a chance to print it out, so I had the instructions on my tablet. While I quite liked doing that, carrying around a ten inch tablet is heavier and more cumbersome that I want, so I'll leave that as an emergency option.
I'm super happy with this project, it's just so cute and perfect, and most of all warm for winter. I followed the directions pretty much exactly, just extending the neck a little bit and skipping the pompoms, because I thought they might be annoying on the finished project, although they certainly are cute. 
I love this so much that I actually ordered another mini hot water bottle, so that I can make a second one. I'm going to have one at home and one at work and keep myself warm all winter.

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