Sunday, May 11, 2014

Part four - coming home

By this stage our trip was nearly done.We spent our last day in breweries (no surprise there) I did accidentally stumble across a yarn shop near Carmel Market. it was narrow and crowded and much of the yarn was acrylic, but there was some beautiful cottons, which I did not purchase, because I didn't have anything in mind to knit with cotton.

 There was only one major thing left - the actual physical trip home. this was a 12 hour flight, followed by a 10 hour stop in Bangkok airport and then an eight hour flight. I have to say, I'm not good at sleeping on planes. So, I cast on another Martina Behm pattern - this time Miss Winkle, for Rachey in the most wonderful Hello Kitty Pink.This pattern was quite simple, and I was glad, because I got very little sleep, but I did knit, knit knit, and got it cast off before landing back in Melbourne. Obviously, it still needs a good blocking.

So there it is, my holiday. I knit two shawls and two pairs of socks, I learn a lot of history, I drank some great beer (Israel has a surprisingly strong craft beer scene happening) and had a whole lot of fun with my friends and my husband. And now life goes back to the everyday, and I might knit some things that are neither socks nor shawls. 

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