Sunday, October 12, 2014

Finishing the finishing

I finished the knitting on my mothers cardigan a week or more ago, but the finishing has taken me forever, or so it feels. Partly because there is a lot of steeking, and finishing steeks and partly because I haven't really made time to sit down and do it. I think that was because this part of the project is scary and hard. Anyway, today I sat on my balcony, sewed on the sleeved and finished the collor. I'm not  one hundred percent happy with the way the sleeves attach to the body, but I don't really think I could get a better finish by unsweing them and starting again. The sleeve tops make me very nervous: I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's technique of NOT placing steek stitches, just reinforcing and cutting, and I don't think it's a good one for this project, mainly because of the long floats (which she says not to do, but that was the pattern).  

So it's done.The overall look is exactly what I was after, and the sizing seems to have come out just fine. All I have to do now is give it a good bath and then wait until my mother's birthday, which is in three weeks, to see how it actually fits and suits her.

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