Sunday, October 19, 2014

First Disworld Socks, Finished

Today I finished my first pair of socks from my Discworld Sock Project and I am very satisfied with them. They are toe up, which is not my preferred method of knittng socks, but Rachel Coopey designs a heel flap and gusset that is very easy and sensible. That said, I found it a tad tricky to work out where to start the increases, and I think they just are a smidge too big in the heel.

The pattern is great, though fairly tricky to photograph. I didn't realise, until I was actually knitting these, that the pattern on the foot repeats on the back leg. It's challenging enough to be interesting, without being mindblowingly hard. All in all, a sock that bodes well for the remaining twelve pairs i'm going to knit for the Discworld Sock Project. 

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