Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sock Stress

I'm knitting the Colour of Magic socks out of Jitterbug, and, as everyone knows, these skeins are short. I've used them before and never had a problem, probably because my feet are also short. But these socks are 68 stitches and quite long. ow I could have (should have?) done one less repeat on the leg. But I didn't and it looks like I'm going to run out of yarn. I have a few choices - I could rip it back to where I was on Friday afternoon and then knit on. I can keep knitting and hope it works out. I do have some similar colour yarn I could use for the toes. Someone on Ravelry has a ball of this yarn For Sale Or Trade - I could knit on and if I run out buy it from her. I could put out a call on Ravelry and see if anyone has any left overs of this colour. I feel paralysed by indecision and it all seems overly difficult right now. I mean it's just knitting, right?

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