Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sapient Pearwood Socks - Discworld socks 1‏

I started the Discworld sock project with the Sapient Pearwood Socks. I'm not using any specific logic to choose which socks I knit next - probably one for Leon, one for me (or rather TWO for Leon, two for me). I'm using Knitch yarn that I bought in New Zealand   I love, love, love the colour and thought it was perfect for the project. Named after one of my favourite Discworld characters, The Luggage.  An explanation of sapient pearwood, and The Luggage, taken from the Discworld Wiki:
The Luggage ...is a large chest made of sapient pearwood (a magical, intelligent plant which is nearly extinct, impervious to magic, and only grows in a few places outside the Agatean Empire, generally on sites of very old magic). It can produce hundreds of little legs protruding from its underside and can move very fast if the need arises. It has been described as "half suitcase, half homicidal maniac" (Sourcery paperback p22).

While I don't plan to try to match my yarn colour with the sock theme, every time, but this one was too perfect to pass up.  The sock itself is quite a fun knit and a diversion from all the straightforward things I've been knitting recently. It's toe up - I discovered after I decided to knit all the socks that about half of them are, but I'm enjoying it. Rachel Coopey writes a good sock pattern and this project is making me giggle.

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