Friday, October 24, 2014

The colour of magic (Discworld socks II)‏

It still being sOctober, I decided to cast on my next pair of Discworld socks,The Colour of Magic. Now, the colour of magic is Octarine, described as the eighth colour on the Discworld, only visible to wizards and cats. For some reason I've always imagined it as the colour after orange. For this pair of socks I decided to knit it with some Jitterbug that I bought in Bendigo 2012. I can't believe I left this yarn in a box for so long. It's incredibly pretty, and a lot softer than I remember Jitterbug being. It has all my favourite pastel colours and is so pretty. So is the sock, although it's not a great knit it drinking / in public (am I giving too much away if I say that the majority of my knitting seems to be done in the pub, and I knit a lot? ;) I think the pattern stands up to the variegated yarn, and I just can't stop looking at the prettiness of it. Magic indeed.

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