Tuesday, October 21, 2014


As you know, I subscribed to Ysolda's Knitworthy pattern collection. While I like many of the pattern that arrived, none of them made it to the top of the queue. Until Cadeuutje. This project has something I've wanted to try since the Yarn Harlot talked about it: THRUMS.
The sole, on the inside
The sole, on the outside
 The thing about thrums though is that they are designed to make something really, really warm, often mittens. I live in Melbourne and this winter I didn't even bother wearing my fingerless mitts. But thrumbed slippers? Yes please. 

The finished first slipper. I don't know why the picture is upside down
I'm making them for my mother and have just finished the first one. It might be a little while before I get to the second one, because the pattern takes a wee bit of concentration and thruming in public is not the best plan. I'm out for the next four nights, but come the weekend I'm looking forward making the second one. It's such a fluffy fun thing to do.


  1. It looks great! It makes me want to make them as well…

    1. Go for it, they are superfun. You've got some bulky yarn in that stash I presume...