Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cloud complete

After all the dramas making Cloud yesterday I sewed the pocket on and blocked it. Today I wore it, and I love it. The Bendigo Woollen mills yarn came out very nicely post blocking, the drape is perfect, the hood is appropriately oversized and all of the finishing details were worth every bit of effort.
Leon and I went to visit my brother today, they have a new house just near a cemetery, so we took some photos there. Don't confuse this with the pictures we take in the cemetery across the road from where I live.
Last week my father, when he saw me working on it, asked me what I was making "A short sleeved hoodie" I replied. He countered with "that seems odd to me. If you want a hooded jumper, wouldn't you want sleeves?" Well, today was a perfect autumn day. I appreaciated the warmth of the jumper, but didn't need sleeves.

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  1. It really looks super cute and super perfect, well done!