Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reasonably happy

I finished spinning the Thylacine February Fibre Club instalment on Friday. I'm quite happy with how it came out - there are some variations in thickness, but it's reasonably even and very squishy. It came to exactly 400 meters, which was the minimum I said I'd be happy with in my last post.
My main dissatisfaction comes because I don't know what I'm going to use it for and I hate putting yarn away in the stash box without a plan for it. The Romi hill shawl I was planning for requires closer to 500 meters. Melanie suggested waiting for the next club instalment and, if the colours are complimentary, doing Veera Välimäki's Stripe Study shawl, although I did notice that she has a three colour shawl called Colour affection, and that there are three instalments of the fibre club...


  1. Hmm... 3 colours, 3 installments, could be a sign?

  2. It's beautiful, so squooshy and I'm sure that it's purpose will not elude you for long