Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cookie A sock club "Wayward" Socks

I made the second socks from the February delivery of Cookie A's sock club for Leon. My aim is to make at least half the sock club socks for other people, because I have enough pairs of handknit socks to wear a pair a day for a month before washing.

I used Socks that Rock, colourway Thraven. I have spoken before about my love for Cookie A patterns, my adoration of Socks That Rock, and my new found fondness for twisted stitches. All three of these were combined in these socks!
The Socks that Rock given great stitch definition, although it did bleed on my hands while knitting.

I love the way the twisted stitches wrap around the leg, and the little cables are absolutely adorable. I think the toes look a little bit odd, especially off the feet. There is another possible problem with the toes, not the pattern's fault:
After I finished knitting the second one he tried them on and said "I think the second one is shorter than the first". We compared the socks and they were exactly the same.
So, we compared his feet and it turns out his left foot is noticeably longer than his right. Also, I think my gauge is tighter on the second sock; maybe because I knit half of it while being driven around the countryside in a marked police car. Wayward socks, indeed.

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