Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A truer word has never been said

Last Saturday I knit down to the bottom of the Cloud jumper, knit the contrast coloured hem, cast off and sewed down the hem. The I tried it on and thought that the waist increases had created quite a ruffle around the bottom. In fact, the jumper was basically skirted. It was kind of cute, but it was certainly not what I, or Kate Davies the designer, had intended. After I tried it on I rode off to meet some of my knitterly friends. The whole trip there I was pondering whether I could live with it as it was, or if I should rip it. When I got there I tried it on and my friends very nicely told me that I COULD leave it, if I would be happy with it, but… and Melanie said some words that really resonated "What else are you going to be doing?" Knitting. Oh, whether I am knitting on this jumper, or rushing off to some other project, I'm still going to be spending all my spare time knitting. So I ripped it and it only took two days to reknit. And this way I'll have a jumper that is not merely good enough - I'll have the jumper I envisaged, or something close to it.

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