Thursday, March 29, 2012

An unfinished cloud

I cast on for Kate Davies Hazlehurst scarf, using the left over yarn from Kate Davies Cloud. It's a Kate Davies Double!

Notice I didn't say "After I finished Cloud". That's because I haven't finished it… quite. On Sunday I finished the iCord around the edge of the cloud while watching the Melbourne Ironman finish. What could be better than sitting on the beach, knitting, watching other people finish an absolutely exhausting event? So that was the end of the knitting part of the project.

When I got home I pinned the cloud to the front of the jumper, but it didn't look right so I put off sewing it, and blocked the iCorded cloud off the jumper. Once it was dry it looked a lot better. On Tuesday night I was in a rather bad mood, and I decided to sew it, always a risky combination; me sewing and grumpiness. I very carefully pinned on the cloud, checking it was straight and centred. I decided to try it on before I sewed it, and discovered that I had very carefully pinned it to the back. I thought about wearing the whole thing backwards, a la Kriss Kross but decided instead to throw the whole thing in a box until my mood improved.

Last night and tonight we went to comedy shows and has a couple of drinks, and I really don't think sewing this on is something I should undertake unless 100 per cent sober. So it sits, waiting for that perfect storm of me being at home, sober and in the right mood. Hopefully I'll be back with pictures of the (completely) finished Cloud jumper quite soon. Until then, I'll be knitting away on Hazlehurst.

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  1. it's going to be spectacular, I really need to re-add this one to my queue. I can't even remember why I took it off in the first place!