Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today I finished spinning the singles from the Thylacine. It was an incredibly quick spin, considering that I have been rather pressed for time. The problem is that I usually spin in the time between when I got home and when Leon gets home, but that's also a good time to run. Today I ran at lunchtime, so I could spin when I got home.

I'm hoping that this 150 grams of fibre comes out at a light fingering, which should be about 500 meters. If it's less than four hundred I will be disappointed, not, as you know, for the first time.

I had allocated an hour for spinning, but finishing this didn't take that long, so I continued preparing the alpaca / merino I blended a little while ago. I tore up the batts and predrafted them into little nests. I haven't finished this spin, and I'm already preparing for the next.

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  1. I hope you and Mel both bring your Club yarn in for us to see :)