Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

Just like last year we went to NYE on the Hill music festival for New Years.  We has a ton of fun, listening to music, camping, drinking, not sleeping very much - I'm very, very tired right now. I took Summer Blooms with me, and it was perfect, mindless knitting: except the second last row, which was heavily beaded. Still nothing some sunshine, some music, an espresso martini and a whole lot of beer couldn't help me through. At lunch time today I cast off. I'm really happy with it, although you can see even from these photos that a heavy blocking is going to do it a world of good. Leon and I had camera battery issues, so my talented photographer Skip took these for me. 
All in all, a wonderful way to bring in the new year, and the perfect project to knit while I was out and about the last week. I will, of course, post photos after it's been blocked, but I'm too tired now to be pinning out points. I hope you had fun at New Years. Lets make 2015 the best yet.

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