Thursday, January 15, 2015

Orange Socks for Orange Shoes

I said previously that I had been wanting to knit orange socks since 2013. The odd thing is that what motivated me to make orange socks that I bought orange shoes. Now, matching orange with orange is a terrible fashion idea, as illustrated here:
It’s how I do food matching as well – oh a rich chocolate cake, lets put an oatmeal stout with that. Coffee mouse goes with Baileys, obviously. So, not a sophisticated approach to matching anything.
Even though I’m doubtful about wearing the orange socks with the orange shoes, I love them. The colour is so lovely and the pattern is really attractive. Well, they

 are when they areon. The socks have a weird shape when they are off, probably because of the massive amount of ribbing at the top.
Put them on though and the lace gets stretched out, the ribbing hugs my calves and they are perfection. Not only that, they were such a fun knit. Easy to memorise lace is my absolute favourite thing to knit at the moment. All in all, another winner from Rachel Coopey and the Discworld Sock Club.

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