Thursday, January 8, 2015

What price can we put on love?

I finished wee Envelope and love it. It’s got an interesting construction and was an absolute pleasure to knit. I made the 3 – 6 month size, and I don’t know if my teddy bear is smaller than that, or if it’s big but it looks like a reasonable size. I think Teddy Bear might have shorter arms than a child.
The Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton made a beautiful fabric. After blocking it was so soft, but not limp. Today I mailed it off to Israel, and the customs declaration demands a value. It was interesting to think about the value of this jumper. The yarn in it cost about five dollars, but what’s the pattern worth? And my time?  And the love and good thoughts I put into this? I wanted to write somewhere between zero and a thousand dollars. Some things just can’t be quantified in monetary terms, and this little jumper is one of them.

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