Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thing I am loving about Apres Surf Hoodie Part 1 (A list)

I am hoping that this list is the first of a series, because I imagine this sweet little jumper will take the better part of a month. So here goes, the inaugural Things I am Loving about Knitting the Central Part Hoodie:

  1. The yarn is quite as lovely to knit with as I hoped
  2. It is knitting up into a stunning fabric, both in the lace and the stocking stitch portions 
  3. The lace pattern is interesting enough, but really easy to follow
  4. I changed this to knit in the round, so minimal purling
  5. It seems to be knitting up really really fast 
  6. It's a laceweight jumper so it fits perfectly in my beautiful new sock knitting project bag

I'm really feeling the love for this project right now.

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