Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A little yarn purchase

My trainer Jules asked me to make him a pair of socks. I find this ironic, since one of the reasons I need professional care for my hands, arms and shoulders is the amount of knitting I do! I see Jules once a month, and every time I do he comments on my sneaker liners. It’s nice that someone notices! He often jokes about stealing my socks, but since I’m a women’s six and he’s a men’s twelve, they are not likely to fit. So, last time I saw him he asked me to make him a pair. I asked him what kind of socks, and he said he didn’t care, he just wanted some crazy socks like I wear. It’s all rather flattering really.

I know I could make striped sock from the left over sock yarn collection, but I need to take a break from that. I’m going camping for four days, and I wanted something simple and light to take with me – I’m loving knitting my mother’s ASJ, but it’s already become rather bulky. So I stopped off at Wool Baa on the way home tonight and picked up a couple of  balls of crazy self-stripping yarn. I’m going to knit socks with a not very long leg, maybe four inches, just a plain, vanilla sock in crazy, lazy yarn.

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