Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I can't stop thinking about it

I visit a lot of op shops - mostly looking for bad ties, but I always have a little peek in the haberdashery section, just in case. I'm waiting for the day that I find someones stash, where whoever cleared out her house had no idea about the difference between cashmere and acrylic. One day i'm going to find four kilograms of Noro, I just know it. Last week I visited a Sacred Heart shop which I pass on the way to work every day - which doesn't help at all, but had to make a very small, special effort effort to go pm the way home, when they were actually open. I got some good / bad ties, but they also had buttons.
Lots and lots of buttons. It looked like they had received the remains from a closed down sewing show.  I limited myself to the four lots you can see here, but I keep thinking maybe I should go back and buy the rest of them. Just in case I need a whole lot of buttons. Because there might be a button shortage, and then I'd regret only having bought these few buttons, right?

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