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Happy holidays

I love this time of year. 11 days off work for three leave days, cricket, music festival for new years, and SO MUCH knitting.

We went to the first four days of the Boxing day test, although each day the play was interrupted by rain. I got a lot of knitting done on my Shore Hap. It's so funny, the whole time no one mentioned my knitting, which is actually lovely. On day two we were sitting next to a group of 40ish guys - who randomly asked me if I could fix a torn short - with knitting needles?? Weird. It started to rain and one of them told me I should put my knitting away or "it would shrink or something".

We missed day five of the cricket, which is a shame, because it was a brilliant game and Australia surprised everyone by winning, but we had to head off for the Hill. In the car I finished the shawl (photos to follow once blocked) It involved a serious game of yarn chicken, but I won and it's brilliant. 

I gave Bee the crotchetted  bottle cover and I'm pretty sure she liked it:
Then I cast on a pair of stripped socks for me with the leftover yarn from Breathing Space, because I love me some matchy matchy. There is nothing like three days of sitting around, watching bands and knitting. I've just got the rest of the second leg to do, and since I'm rather tired and about to collapse on the couch, I hope to finish those tonight.

So a very satisfying holiday season, with exciting cricket, fabulous music, good friends and of course, lots and lots of knitting. 

The nights had less knitting and more glow sticks. There was also a LOT of glitter.


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