Thursday, January 12, 2017

The needle obsession

It's not over. I really thought I was done, last time, I really did. But just before I moved jobs, I decided I "needed" Karbonz needles in my most knit sizes, because I love Karbonz needles. Or because I was bored at work, which seems more likely. Knit-Pro makes a "starter set" which has the sizes I actually use: starting at 3mm and going up to to 4mm with 5 needle pairs in total. And it's got coloured cables, rather than the slightly horrible purple ones that come with the normal Knit-Pro needles. So, hopefully that's me done for needles. At least my new job is interesting and busy enough that I have done zero shopping on work time since I swapped roles, which is definitly an improvement. And, as a result of my previous boredom I now have ALL the needles a knitter could want.

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