Saturday, July 12, 2014

New needles!

To my excitement my new Addi Lace Clicks were delivered on Friday. I unwrapped the package and the needle case is wonderful - and practical. As well as being terribly pink it holds everything in place, so I could throw the whole thing into a bag and go.

 The needles are pointy and the red cords are just like the ones on the Addi Lace fixed needles that I love. I had a moment of panic when i touched the needles, they seemed kind of tacky / sticky. Then I washed them, and whatever caused that came right off. Which is good, because the whole point of buying this was to get a a slick, sharp needle. I used them to swatch for Cria, and enjoyed knitting with them. Now the swatch is hung to dry and I'm going to work on finishing my socks so I can cast Cria on. 

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